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We work for equity and provide the media to back it up

who we are

Who we are

Styria Ventures is the venture unit of the Styria Media Group. We provide media for equity to startups and SMBs. Based on our experience however, media alone isn’t enough. That's why we deliberately chose to offer a wide variety of additional services, with one goal in mind: to increase your company’s brand awareness and acquire customers. Specifically, we offer advertising space in all of our media and hands-on support when it comes to online marketing, content marketing, creative design and public relations. Moreover, we provide excellent B2B-Sales support and we've even got an in-house event production department to cater to your specific needs.



We decided to not exclude any industries. We think that most businesses with fast growth potential require media, and our media reaches users and customers on both a B2C and B2B level. However, there might be a more natural fit of some companies to one of our core areas, e.g. business , politics and people , where we reach highly educated decision makers with above-average disposable income, sports , lifestyle or fashion and beauty.



We reach about 40 million unique clients per month in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia. So if you're active or want to become active in that region we should talk.



We like startups. They either go big or go home. And we will be there with you, no matter how things turn out. That's the risk we are taking with you. However, we decidedly do not invest in Power Point presentations and Excel sheets alone, but rather in real products and services. We want to see proof that your product works. For us, that translates into a minimum of EUR 50k in generated revenues at the time of our first contact.

Terms, terms, terms

Cash is king. We know that. That's why we're ready to provide euros, at the moment however, only in microscopic dimensions. That's why the main reason for you to work with us should be our extensive media and service package. Depending on the investment required and the stage of your company, we would expect a minimum of 5% of your company. Also, we like to invest along with business angels and VCs. Moreover, we take you seriously and understand where you’re coming from. We've been there. We're human.

media for revenue

Media for Revenue

We also provide models where we split the additional revenue you generate via our ad space. Based on the dimension of your media and services package, there will be a reasonable minimum price. However, we’re generally not able to offer this specific model to existing customers of the Styria Media Group.

Please send us details about your proposed opportunity. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible;
please give us a maximum of two weeks.

  • Company (including your website and Facebook page)

  • Business model

  • Status (in terms of revenue, headcount, existing investors)

  • Desired investment, in terms of media volume, cash and additional services

additional services

Additional Services

Online Marketing

  • Improve your product with Usability testing, A/B-testing, Conversion optimization, Professional web analytics

  • Increase the traffic on your product with social media marketing, SEO, SEA, Email marketing, Third-party media buying (Google, Facebook)

Google Partner

Content Marketing

  • Custom development, implementation and monitoring of content marketing strategies

  • Including third-party media buying, if required

B2B Sales Support

  • Developing a highly effective B2B sales structure

  • Sales Controlling

Event Production

  • Design and all-around execution of B2B-customer events

  • Support with financing and sponsoring, if required

Public & media relations

  • How to approach media

  • Storytelling: making your company’s story exciting


  • Creative design of online banners and print advertisement

  • Creative design of online banners and print advertisement

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